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Meet Other Adults.

If you've used AFF/Craigslist/Doublelist/etc. then you're used to things like We made this website because we were fed up with all the terrible online solutions currently in play. It's really not that difficult to ensure, for example, to prevent solicitation, or exploitation and abuse on your platform. We don't see anyone stepping up to meet this market need, so we did.

This reddit post sums it up perfectly.

Don't do anything illegal on our site

Illegal activity will not be tolerated. This will result in being banned from TheBackpage.org, and reported to law enforcement. We aren't splitting hairs here - NOTHING illegal will be tolerated.

No soliciting

TheBackpage isn't a marketplace. If you try to sell anything on this site you will be banned. Craigslist is there for you.

Be legit

Be truthful in how you present yourself. Anything else is bad juju and ends horrifically for everyone, but mostly you.

Only use your own photos

Be legitimate in your presentation. Only post those photos you know to be of yourself. Your inbox will thank you!

TheBackpage.org is for 18+ only

If you are under 18, please leave. If you are looking for someone under 18, please leave. It's weird we actually have to put this in writing.

Let's keep it civil, people!

Basic respect and kindness will get you much further with fellow human beings than anything else. So why not go that route? If you fall outside this most basic request, you will be banned.

It's the best way to prevent the kind of people we want to prevent in our community

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